Why is Farrakhan feared?

Why is any Black Celebrity who associates with Minister Farrakhan immediately subjected to criticism? Over the past 40 years, Minister Farrakhan’s name as been associated with Anti-Semitism and hate. So anyone who associates with him is labeled a supporter of that which they accuse him of. NBA Hall of Famer Allen Iverson recently posted a picture of himself and Minister Farrakhan with caption, “I didn’t choose to black, I just got lucky” hashtag #BucketListMoment #LoveConquersHate #GoodDefeatsEvil”.

Allen Iverson meets Minister Farrakhan.
Iverson explains his relationship with Farrakhan nearly two days later.

As you can see, immediately after this post he must’ve received some sort of backlash for this post and felt the need to reiterate his association with him. Nick Cannon also received similar criticism after he met with Minister Farrakhan as well. But why is this? Why do they have to choose who are friends or enemies are? Why don’t they let us do the research on our own to formulate our own opinions? We have the sound judgment to choose whom we decide to associate with. Minister Farrakhan speaks the truth and represents a free Blackman who is unbought and cannot be controlled, so this is what they fear. The charges of Anti-Semitism are false, along with the notion that he teaches hate. Ask those around him, do your research thoroughly, and then you can judge. The Nation of Islam hasn't vandalized any synagogues or harmed any persons of the Jewish faith, so I respectfully ask all of his accusers to prove these accusations. The Anti-Defamation League has declined to debate him in public about these accusations, and the floor remains open for a debate.



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Hasan Ali

Black empowerment blogger, journalist, and short-story writer. My writing is for the betterment of the Black community, and to ensure that we shall rise again.